Analysis. What does Israel say it’s trying to do at Al-Shifa?.. Video

The IDF says its troops are scanning the complex for Hamas infrastructure, explosive devices and « terrorist means » at the facility.

The forces sent in include translators and medical teams, who it says have undergone « specified training to prepare for this complex and sensitive environment ».

It says they have entered the hospital with « the intent that no harm is caused » to the civilians which it accuses Hamas of using as « human shields ».

The operation was preceded by efforts to evacuate people from Al-Shifa, the IDF says.

It adds it also maintained regular dialogue with hospital authorities – and informed them ahead of time about the entrance of its forces into the compound.

The IDF published a video of its troops delivering medical aid including incubators, baby food and medical supplies to the hospital.

Malta’s top diplomat confirms UN Security Council resolution vote will happen today

In a post on X, Ian Borg said the draft resolution introduced yesterday is “in blue”, meaning it has reached its final form before being introduced for a vote.

The foreign affairs minister said the vote on the resolution, which calls for “extended humanitarian pauses” with a particular emphasis on protecting children, will happen at 3pm local time in New York (20:00 GMT) today.

“Over the past week, [Malta’s UN mission] has been working tirelessly on a draft resolution on the humanitarian situation of children in Gaza,” he wrote.

UN Human Rights Office concerned over ‘fuel depletion’ in Gaza

Fuel underpins access to and provision of all humanitarian services in Gaza, said the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in the occupied Palestinian territory.

“Without it, access by the people of Gaza to life-saving humanitarian assistance will all but cease,” the UN agency said.

The agency is already seeing a “cascading collapse in water, sewage, and sanitation services, telecoms, food shortages, and healthcare” in the Gaza Strip, it said.

The office added that in addition to allowing fuel into the besieged coastal enclave, Israel must also enable access to Gaza through the Karam Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) crossing under its control.

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The United Nations and aid agencies have slammed the Israeli army for cutting off an essential aid route by seizing the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and southern Gaza, warning that already scarce supplies will be further depleted in the enclave that is on the brink of famine.

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