Morocco earthquake: At least 1,037 killed in quake near Marrakesh.. Videos

A strong 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck central Morocco overnight, the death toll is now at 1,037, with more than 1,200 people injured.

The quake’s epicentre was in the High Atlas Mountains, 71km (44 miles) south-west of Marrakesh, and many of the victims are thought to be in remote villages nearby.

Many people are still on the streets, too afraid to go back into their homes for fear of more tremors.

Authorities have called on residents to donate blood as the hospitals have seen an influx of injured people.

In Marrakesh some buildings have collapsed and the damage is severe in parts of the Medina, a Unesco World Heritage site.

World leaders including Britain’s Rishi Sunak and US President Joe Biden offered help to Morocco.

MSF says it’s prepared to respond to Morocco earthquake

Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres, or MSF) says it is prepared to respond to the earthquake in Morocco that killed more than 1,000 people and left many more injured.

Avril Benoît, executive director of MSF-USA, said in a statement on Saturday that people who live in the affected region are “key to the initial response” when searching for survivors.

“Earthquake survivors often require medical care such as surgery or dialysis, which can be a challenge when local health systems are affected by a disaster. Restoring health services and providing essential supplies also can be a priority at this stage. Our response will depend on the needs that are assessed on site,”..

Historic Marrakesh buildings damaged in quake

The historic Moroccan city of Marrakesh suffered extensive damage in the powerful earthquake.

Marrakesh’s famous Koutoubia Mosque, built in the 12th century, was damaged as well, but the extent was not immediately clear, officials have said. Its 69-metre (226-foot) minaret is known as the “roof of Marrakesh”.

Moroccans also posted videos showing damage to parts of the famous red walls that surround the old city, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Next 48-72 hours critical for search and rescue: Red Cross

Caroline Holt, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, said a massive aid effort will be needed following the “complicated” efforts to search and rescue survivors.

“Efforts will be complicated but these are the initial hours. This happened at night time when people were maybe sleeping in bed so only this morning did we start to see the impact of the earthquake unfold,” she told Al Jazeera.

“Right now and the next 48-72 hours will be critical in terms of life-saving search and rescue efforts in parallel with making sure that those that did survive are taken care of.”

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