Officials re-open section of damaged Crimean bridge – Russia

Russia says it’s re-opened the undamaged section of road on a key bridge to occupied Crimea that was hit by an explosion this morning.

Only cars and buses, undergoing full inspection procedures, will be able to use the road. Lorries are being directed to the nearby ferry crossing.

Russian investigators say they believe a lorry was blown up causing parts of the road to collapse and set fire to a fuel train on the parallel railway bridge. That link is still out of action.

Investigators say at least three people were killed in the blast.

The 19km (12-mile) bridge is an important supply route for Russian forces fighting in southern Ukraine.

It was opened by President Putin in 2018 after Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

Russia’s Ministry of Defence has named General Sergei Surovikin as the new commander of its troops fighting in Ukraine

His appointment follows a string of Russian defeats in the country.

Until now, Surovikin, who commands Russia’s Air Forces, was also in charge of Russian troops in southern Ukraine.

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